SensePath for Sensemaking Research

What are the chanllenges in sensemaking research?

The analysis of the experiment data collected from sensemaking study is often a manual and time-consuming undertaking.

For example, transcribing and coding one hour of video recording can take 5-10 hours.


Sensepath automatically captures and visualises the sensemaking actions, and

  • (Semi-)automate the transcription,
  • (Semi-)automate the coding,
  • Export result file for further analysis,
  • And many other things ...

Chrome Extension

SensePath is available as a Chrome extension


P. H. Nguyen, K. Xu, A. Wheat, B. L. William Wong, S. Attfield, and B. Fields, SensePath: Understanding the Sensemaking Process through Analytic Provenance, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 22(1):41-50, Jan. 2016 . PDF

User Guide

Background and features

Two examples