TimeSet for Temporal Sets

What are the chanllenges in timeline visualisation?

Current timeline visualisations do not allow grouping the event by a person or organisatin. Instead, this is usually done using colour or symble, which make it difficult to follow a person or organisation.


Grouping events by person or organisation, while keep their temporal order. This makes it easier to:

  • Follow a person, organisation, or any other entity type (such as location),
  • See the inteaction of multiple sets,
  • And many other things ...

Online Demo

You can explore the CIA Leak case with the TimeSet here.


P. H. Nguyen, K. Xu, R. Walker, and B. L. William Wong, TimeSets: Timeline Visualization with Set Relations, Information Visualization, 2015. PDF

TimeSets for Uncertainty Visualisation

Online Demo

You can explore the VAST Challange Dataset with the TimeSet Uncertainty here.


Saminu Salisu, Kai Xu, Adrian Wagstaff, Mike Biggs and Graham Phillips TimeSets for Uncertainty Visualisation, EG UK Computer Graphics & Visual Computing, 2016. PDF

User Guide

Background and features

Updated set colouring (no voice over)